Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ya Gitu Deh..

Pertemuan pertama


Hingga yang keempat ini

Rasanya semakin ke sini tiap pertemuan kita seperti hanya silaturahmi saja

Oh Pak Dosen Pembimbing~

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Kitten Story #7 - The Power of Love


This is me, when i experienced playing with ball and got rubbed for the first time.
I felt comfortable by human hands because they're so warm.
6 Nov'12 Mom took me from the street, then decided to adopt me.

Day by day my health getting worse and worse.
Doctor judge me, that i get infected by FIP, the incurable virus and highly contagious to other cats.
My life will no longer than 2 months, she said.
Doctor gave me daily medicine to prolong my lifespan (at least for 2 months).

Not only FIP. Fungus are also 'visited' me.
My body was full of them. I totally ugly and scary (see some photos of me here)
So many diseases and threats i bring to home. 
I used to be a stray cat, my family could easily just put me back on the street just like before.
But instead of throw me away, they keep me safe and warm.
We're struggling together.

This cardboard was my bedroom.
Even though it's not pretty but very warm and comfortable.

Because of virus and fungus on my body, playing inside home was prohibited.
It's ok. Playing in terrace was enough.
Many things that attracted me. For example: sandals x)

Hey, look at me!
I am much better than the previous photo.
It because i got olive oil treatment everyday. Three times a day. For more than 3 months.
But, i still have fungus on my head and ears.

February 2013. Morning.
One of my right leg broken. Because i was so careless while playing outside, i got hit by bicycle.
I didn't feel anything at the first.
But then pain come in afternoon, and it getting worse. I cried. So did my family.
Again, they need to bring me to the doctor.
Here i am after the operation.
Now i have a pen on my right leg, and my family never give a permission to me going outside.

This handsome and manly cat is me!

It has been 7 months after the doctor prediction about my life chance.
My fur is shinier than ever, i gained some weight.

My teeth are growing strong. I can 'play' with messi and running around inside house.

I hope there are many people like my family. Not giving up in taking care of their pet who have an incurable ill like FIP.

"Struggling with FIP is about being patience. 
It's not only the medicine that prolong its life, but also love and care", sister said.